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The Story About Us

We are a sustainability education center, a working permaculture farm, eco-residence and community working in harmony with other small farmers of our region to build a healthy alternative where we strive to live sustainably and responsibly with each other. Ecological sustainability is the primary focus of our long-term vision and as our village grows, we want to see this ideal take shape. Diversity is an important element for us and our village consists of individuals, families, animals, plants and an income sharing community.

Forest Farm

Petrichor is a forest farm placed between the serene foothills of the lush Neora Forest and the tea gardens of the plains. Fringed by rice fields around us and the River Chel running below, we are idyllically located in the rural farming region of Gorubathan, India.

Promote And Teach

We practice, promote and teach about natural building, permaculture design, fermentation, herbalism, slow food, natural farming and yoga. Visitors can expect tropical wilderness, sublime swimming holes, pristine habitat for the area’s rich flora and fauna, village walks and nature trails, a library, yoga decks, art and craft space and the tireless team who make the community such a wonderful place to learn.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster growth in our community and our environment through education and regenerative systems via sustainable farming methods and the implementation of sustainable creative initiatives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire our community towards being a viable example of sustainable living that strives towards self sufficiency and economic independence, while also helping them bridge the gap between mainstream and rural rifts with outreach, education and exposure to encourage their dreams and aspirations.

As A

Sustainability Education Centre

As a Sustainability Education Centre, we provide resources for classes, workshops and overall community development for schools and other educational institutions, volunteer groups, visitors, corporate organizations etc through various programs like our Forest School Program, Natural Building and Bamboo Workshops, Yoga Retreat, Sustainable Handicrafts Workshops, Cooking Classes, Eco Friendly/ Zero Waste Events and Permaculture Design Workshops.

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Farming Community

As a Farming community, our design system stems from the regenerative principles of permaculture and the patterns of nature as we work with it rather than against it. Besides growing our own food, we harvest honey, ferment local probiotics, preserve pickles, hot sauces, jams and dried products for sale in and outside the farm. Our food is naturally farmed and we try to eat by the seasons. We also conduct cooking classes involving recipes that inspire people to eat fresh, healthy, wellness meals that heal the body, mind and soul.

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Natural Building Studio

we work with our community craftsmen to handcraft natural homes for the community as well as off site projects. We also create bamboo merchandise and souvenirs for sale as an effort to raise funds for our farm and community. We primarily work with native bamboo that is abundant in the region for its remarkable regenerative properties along with other natural, local and salvaged materials that are found in our daily lives, to of course uphold our eco-living intention and to be softer on the planet.

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