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You can also visit Petrichor as a getaway from your regular life, to rejuvenate and relax amidst the serenity of a forest farm.

We have a small Dip Pool where guests can swim, a Yoga deck, a small Library, a Souvenir/Handicraft cum Farm Produce Store, and evening Movie Deck among beautiful surroundings.

You can wander off on your own for amazing hiking and biking trails among the woods, the tea gardens or along the river. Gorumara National Park and Neora Valley National Park are close destinations from our farm.

Our Accommodation consists of two handmade natural homes, tents, an antique Nepali home, a dormitory and an old granary that has been restored into a budget travel room. The tariff is as follows:


Made with wattle and daub, local stones and mud.It’s by the pool and accommodates four persons.

Tariff - Rs 2500 for two (Extra Rs 500 per person)


Made with only reclaimed materials like tires, beer bottles, salvaged tin and mud etc, it has a mezzanine space, balcony and earthen floor. It accommodates 4 persons.

Tariff - Rs 2500 for two (extra Rs 500 per person)


A restored and antique Nepali home with its own kitchen and yoga deck. The space is mainly used by yogis during retreats but is open to guests and visitors as well. It accommodates 6 persons and is a five minute walk from the main premise.

Tariff - Rs 1000 per person.


Both our tents are encased in a beautifully crafted bamboo shell and personal earthen verandahs, twin beds, bedside table and carpeted floor.

Tariff - Rs 1500 on double occupancy.

*Dome Tents are also available at Rs 500 per person per night.

*The tariff includes breakfast. Lunch & dinner will be served for Rs 350/- per plate.

*Food served here is organic and vegetarian farm to table meals.

*Children under the age of 5 are accommodated free of charge and 50% off to those under the age of 12. The discount is not applicable to meals.

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