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Bamboo & Natural Building Workshops

Most of our structures are extensively built using bamboo, earth, stones and other local, natural materials. Natural homes create a warm feeling and provide great heat/cold insulation while the core value remains rediscovering the wonderful ideals of a creative human mind and skilled human hands. Concrete does not solve all problems and we believe that modern technology and lifestyle can easily be integrated with bamboo, earth and natural architecture.


People with little or no experience of building have built our structures via workshops. And have benefited from the practical experience essential to make informed decisions about using natural materials for their own homes, We can run workshops at your location, on your project or you can attend any of our regular workshops at the farm. We specialize in bamboo, wattle and daub, cob, earth and timber structures.

Much of our work is based on the principles of permaculture and as such we offer a wide portfolio of consulting services around both natural building and permaculture design, wherein we offer consultation facilities to help design your farm, homestead, resort and gardens at

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