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Farm I Studio I Sustainability Education Centre

(The article written for Agriculture World, Petrichor was born out of an aspiration to care for the planet which found us on a mission to nurture our community’s growth through ecological education and regenerative systems primarily by natural farming methods and sustainable creative initiatives that meet our practical needs like housing, water, natural energy, clothes, art, craft, medicine, soaps etc. But growing our own food is our first love. Our vision is to inspire our community of small farmers and producers towards being a viable example of conscious living

Packaging is a necessary evil when selling online or especially for people selling perishable food items BUT it does not have to be complicated. If we can't eliminate it entirely, we can at least reduce it. There are just 3 decisions we need to make to create a shift towards a sustainable #zerowaste or #lessplasticwaste culture in our businesses. Make a resolution and stick to it. It's as easy as that. Resolution 1. NO LAMINATED LABELS: Use paper (recycled if possible) just enough to tell people what you're selling,

Growing your own food and creating water systems are the two most powerful things you can do in a corrupt political system. We spoke about Food last time, let's look into Water now, the biggest elephant lounging in Darjeeling's smallest sofa. 'Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink,' is not the ancient mariner's chant. It's ours. It is possible to change the world in a positive way rather than try to stop the world that we don't want. We are of the belief that sometimes, subtle actions are the

We are almost into the fourth week of the ongoing strike. There are quite a few repercussions of that but the foremost that comes to mind is the gradual scarcity of food that we are beginning to face. However, if we take initiatives we can be self-sustainable in this area because growing your own food is like printing your own money and all is not lost. All Hill people are enthusiastic gardeners; every house has an array of flower displays on their porches and balconies. We can direct

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