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Café Glow

Café Glow

As a permaculture farm, we follow the principles of the slow food movement – ethical food production, consumption and connections to all aspects of life. The food we consume and serve to our guests and volunteers is plant- based and seasonal, that also aims to preserve our cultural cuisine and in so doing, to preserve the food plants and seeds, domestic animals and farming within our eco region.

We are dedicated to bringing an awareness to the larger picture; a permaculture garden that brings food and culture from the farm, the village and the community to the table, and then back out again to the community where it came from to begin with.

We recommend eating well is a great way of living well. With this context, we invite you to come and enjoy fresh, natural, organic and delicious food in a space that inspires beauty, raw elegance and creativity.

We are open to guests, day visitors and groups of 6 persons above for brunch, lunch and dinner.

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