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Herbalism Course with Sweta

Herbalism Course with Sweta

This course is for the artisan who has a deep desire to live a more natural and sustainable life alongside their creativity and craft, an expression that pays the highest homage to self and nature.

It will also be a special time to connect with our plant heritage and indigenous ancient wisdom, honoring our ancestors who truly were our first physicians and beauty experts!

What you’ll take from the course:

  • You will spend time exploring the gifts of Mother Earth in the forest, garden and kitchen focusing on basic plant i& ingredient identification, their common uses and application.
  • You will leave with traditional knowledge of ethno native flora that can be used in home medicines and bath/body products.
  • You will also learn to create a perennial Apothecary garden for people, your products and also for pollinators.
  • And most importantly, you will take part in herbal wildcrafting to create practical and beautiful plant-based products and home medicines for yourself, your loved ones that are not harmful to either you or the planet.

Workshop Curriculum (can be adapted to individual needs and requirements):

1 day workshop

– Basic Natural Cold Process Soap Making

– How to make your own lip balm

2 day workshop

– How to make tinctures

– How to make your own salves

– How to make face oils and a basic serum

3 day workshop

– How to make body butter

– How to make bath bombs

– How to make a winter cream

4 day workshop

– How to make a lotion for dry skin

– How to make a liquid shampoo

– How to make a nourishing facemask

5 day workshop

– How to make natural hot process soap

– How to make natural cough tonics/healing botanical infusions for common ailments

– How to make natural toothpaste


*Cost per day per person is INR 5000/- inclusive of all meals, materials, workshop and standard accommodation.

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