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December 04 - 12, 2021

Petrichor Regenerative Living Shala

Advocate for Change Through Teaching Whole Systems and Passion Based Learning.

In this dynamic and interactive course, we share impactful teaching techniques that promote effective communication and application of Permaculture principles and strategies to a wide variety of audiences and educational settings. Our goal is to encourage and inspire your unique strengths and abilities by demonstrating diverse teaching modalities including effective use of lecture, storytelling, class discussions, interactive experiential activities, visual aids and hands-on skills.

As a class, we create a safe setting of active learning and build confidence through preparing and co-teaching multiple presentations providing essential and experiential practice opportunities. Participants engage in social permaculture and build strong resource networks to support one another via group projects.

Our time will itself be divided into Lectures, Photoshows, Discussions, Demonstrations, Exercises, Hands-on, and a walkabout. There will be a series of presentations, with guidance, that everyone will do, with at least one opportunity for another. We start basic and simple, than build the layers of learning from there. This is an engaged experience, with lots of information shared. We keep the process relaxed while learning about learning and growing from it.

Learning is growing Understanding, Empowering, Regenerative, and a Foundational Element of Permaculture Solutions

Course Topics Include:

  • Philosophy and Ethics of Being an Instructor
  • The Art of Teaching and Facilitation
  • Adult Learning Styles
  • Building Curriculum and Lesson Plans
  • Presenting Styles
  • Utilizing Media and Activities
  • Co-Instructing
  • Time Management
  • Venue Logistics, Course Planning, Marketing and Budgets
  • Interns, Apprentices and Mentoring
  • Evaluations and Feedback
  • Tips from the Trade
  • Tips for the Road
  • Keeping Up The Spirit
  • Self-care
  • Right Livelihood
  • Extensive Resources and More

This course is committed to and focused upon each participant starting or continuing on this educational and social active path. As part of an ongoing work focus Rico is committed to assisting those who want to learn how learning happens and those wanting to learn the facilitation of the learning experience. This course will help everyone be more engaged in their learning process while having fun.

With the successful completion of the required elements a Certificate from the Permaculture Institute of North America will be awarded. (see MOU in Participant Packet)

Prerequisite: Permaculture Design Course Certificate or instructor’s approval.



Rico Zook: With a lifetime in an educational atmosphere and work, Rico brings years of experience to this course having facilitated and taught with many different demographics and in widely different locations. Varieties of Farmer trainings via translation, Training the Trainers with NGOs, mixed courses with local persons and diverse travelers, and all of these mixed. He brings strengths in a diversity of ways.

For the past 20 years Rico has been a Permaculture designer, consultant and educator working with private individuals, farmers, villagers and local organizations in India, Cambodia, Spain, northern New Mexico, the Europe and other parts of the world. His work focuses on assisting all levels of our global community to create culturally and environmentally appropriate life systems that are resilient and regenerative.

Fee Structure is based on Accommodation Type Bracket:

Shared Hut Accommodation:

International Candidates Rs. 39,000/-
Indian Nationals Rs. 31,000/-

*This includes NRI’s working in western economies


Shared Dormitory Accommodation:

International Candidates Rs. 33,000/-
Indian Nationals Rs. 25,000/-


Shared Tent/Homestay Accommodation:

International Candidates Rs. 26,000/-
Indian Nationals Rs. 18,000/-


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