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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Volunteer opportunities are there at Petrichor?

We welcome any ideas and experiences to enhance our sustainability efforts, care for our environment, upgrade our programs and support our fundraising efforts through aspiring volunteers both local and international.

Our Volunteer program comes in 3 distinct categories:

  • Farm – Any farm related activity like working with the soil, repair work, animal and plant care, harvest etc.
  • Kitchen – Helping in the kitchen including cooking, washing dishes, helping with food production etc.
  • Studio – Natural Building, Bamboo Work, Art & Craft.
How much do I have to pay for the Volunteering Program?

Our volunteering costs begin at INR 500 per person per night for the 1-week program and subsidizes at INR 400 per night per person for 2 weeks and INR 300 beyond a fortnight onward. The cost covers the board and food charges and also provides for the maintenance and upkeep of the farm and community.

How much do I pay if I choose to stay longer than a week?

For a stay longer than a week, the cost is INR 400 per person per night that includes board and all meals. To avail of this price, the volunteer has to at least board with us for a minimum of 12 days.

How and when should I apply?

You can apply by filling up our Volunteer Form. The farm is open to applications and visits from September through May.

Will I be provided accommodation and food during the program?

Yes, the price includes all meals, beverages and accommodation.

What are the working hours?

You are required to work for at six hours in a day, the rest of the time you are free to do as you please. Mondays are off. So generally it is Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm including the hour-long lunch break at 1:00 pm.

What are the facilities provided to volunteers?

Volunteers can attend any ongoing workshops be it yoga, meditation, permaculture, art and craft at 50% discount. They will have access to the pool, library and other farm facilities and also the opportunity to connect and build cultural network with personnel and gain experience in a working farm and learn about Nepali culture and farmers.

What kind of accommodation will I have?

You will stay in tents, dormitory or home stays depending on availability.

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