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No Waste Packaging

Packaging is a necessary evil when selling online or especially for people selling perishable food items BUT it does not have to be complicated. If we can’t eliminate it entirely, we can at least reduce it.

There are just 3 decisions we need to make to create a shift towards a sustainable #zerowaste or #lessplasticwaste culture in our businesses. Make a resolution and stick to it. It’s as easy as that.

  • Resolution 1. NO LAMINATED LABELS: Use paper (recycled if possible) just enough to tell people what you’re selling, who it’s by and what it is. Do away with high gloss inks or any other kind of plastic wraps. Petrichor product labels can be composted just as it is.
  • Resolution 2. NO PLASTIC: Use glass instead because glass can be recycled infinitely without loss of quality or purity. For those selling shorter shelf life items, opt for one of the many amazing plastic alternatives that are in the market today. They function just as well as plastic but are compostible after use and can also be reused many times over. We brought back some cassava starch bags from Bali and loved it but India manufactures them here too.
  • Resolution 3. NO UNNECESSARY PACKAGING COMPONENTS: Because less is more and simplicity is beauty. Use lots of newspaper to cushion your products for shipping. And If you want to add some frills and fancy to your product, go natural. We swear by burlap, newspapers, twigs, bamboo, leaves, pressed flowers, cotton, or even old scrap fabrics/sarees etc to add some extra zing to our gift hampers but nothing extra or synthetic.

Remember, what matters is the product that is *inside* and not your packaging:). We don’t have to fall behind times, as it’s absolutely possible to stay with it and have less negative impact, be more connected. :Also, there are no hard and fast rules. Start where you are and do what you can.

Best wishes to your business!

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