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Petrichor People

Please meet some of the core members of our community.

Sweta Pradhan

Co–founder, Farmer, Slow Food and Yoga Teacher

Sidhartha Blone

Co-founder, Farmer, Bamboo and Natural Building Trainer


Young farmer, gardener , lives on the farm. Loves to laze around during his spare hours or can be seen riding his new second hand scooty!


A dedicated and committed small farmer himself, he tends to his own forest garden and ours.


Our Beekeeper, community electrician, bamboo craftsman and carpenter, Hari is apprentice to Sidhartha at the bamboo workshop.

LK Chettri

Local farmer and resident of Gorubathan, he is the man at large working right beside Sidhartha and Sweta. He looks after the gardens and property, and is gradually learning the permaculture ways.

Tommy Kukkur

Is a stray, looks like a handsome husky, lives with all of us, can be found anywhere, eats at every household, should be a guard dog but is too friendly to be one and is truly our home dawg as is evident by its local suffix ‘kukkur’ which in literal Nepali translation means ‘dog’!


He runs and cooks in the farm kitchen along with his lovely wife Sofia. They’re all about warm meals and warm smiles.

It is not possible to mention all the rest of the beautiful souls who contribute towards making our experiences fun, creative and wholesome including all our delightful kids who bring so much grace, laughter and abundance to our community. That being said, we are committed to building a space where each person feels valued and is able to make their best contribution towards improving their own lives, their family’s, the community’s and our planet Earth.

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