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Permaculture And Us

As the ethic of permaculture states, there was a strong desire in us to care for the Earth and that is how we began our path ahead. With that aspiration and passion upheld, we rambled along trying to make sense of our land and resources armed with just reasonable doubts, logic, curiosity, books and YouTube; playing with our soil, taking small steps, observing and interacting, obtaining yields and sometimes not, making mistakes, correcting them, still making mistakes, still correcting them until we decided it was time for us to go get ourselves certified as permaculture designers.

We did and came home victorious to begin all over again. But then, as much as we would have liked to do everything on our own and pushed ourselves to the edge in order to do so, we realized that it was far from possible! Understanding the edges were essential to remind us that doing things with others and exploring that rather uncomfortable place of difference and transition allows for a richer and worthwhile life experience than doing it alone.

So gradually, we started building community. We talked to local small farmers and families to integrate with us and it was only then that things started falling into place. As a small but growing community, we are now valuable and productive to each other because of our similarities and also our differences; we care for each other and our land, and share our resources. Our experiences played a coherent role in manifesting the best truth of all in keeping with the spirit of the second permaculture ethic, the one about People Care, the one that says ‘permaculture is about People’ and the connections that we knit with each other.’

Since 2013, it has been small and steady steps of unlearning and relearning, experiments and revelations, trials and errors, gaffes and improvements and we are all the happier for it. Of course there’s more to come, yet, so far we are grateful for the abundance and this beautiful journey that inspires us to follow our bliss of loving each other and this wild, splendid planet we call our HOME.

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