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Soap Making & Herbalism Workshop

There’s something very sacred about wildcrafting our own plant medicines and soaps.

It all began at the advent of our Petrichor journey, for both self care and environment care purposes. To eliminate chemically processed product residues from our waterways, soil and the food that we grow and supply to our community, we realised that we needed to first make some lifestyle changes. In these past years, we have learned so much by learning to listen to the forest and we want to share it with you.

Our Herbalism and Soap Making workshop is a customised, beginner-level, hands on program that focuses on native plant identification, its traditional uses in healing and plant medicine as well as a modern approach to transforming them to daily use body care and home care products.

Participants must be prepared to spend time in the garden, kitchen and forest. Gentle foraging hikes are also involved.

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