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Sustainability Education

We deeply believe in the need for sensitization to issues of ecology and the way in which man interacts with his environment hence we are committed to spreading awareness and skills that enable children and adults to connect with nature and themselves.

We provide a wide range of nature inspired activities for schools, teachers, corporates and educational institutes via the following workshops:

Forest School Program

This is a program designed for students aged between 6 and 16 years, in batches of 25-40 at a time, for a 3–5 day retreat at our forest farm. Using tools of learning from the Arts, Movement and Environment, we engage the child’s head, heart and hands, to foster a spirit of curiosity, inquiry and empathy. Through our experiential curriculum, we directly link the child’s academic understanding of environmental studies to their everyday life and surroundings. Our program also offers a unique cultural exchange as the students and our local communities interact together to share knowledge, ideas, enthusiasm and joy at fruit shop spilleautomater.

We engage children in workshops directing awareness and dispensing skills relating to:

  • Exploring and connecting with wilderness
  • Farming and permaculture, including the journey of food from farm to table
  • Yoga and holistic wellbeing, including nutrition and its effect on the body, mind and spirit
  • Creative expression, including sustainable arts and crafts, poetry, music and writing
  • Non-violent communication and introspection, including cultural sensitization and communitarianism

Please Contact Us for details.

Slow Food Cooking Classes

To preserve, share and spread the glorious and self-sustainable culinary tradition of the Nepalese community plus the regional food specialties, we provide hands-on cooking lessons that are taught by local women using vegetarian recipes that have been handed down through generations. We also offer cooking lessons on raw and vegan cuisine.

With most produce being sourced from our permaculture gardens and surrounding farms, makes this an ideal setting to create a new understanding of gastronomy that links the act of eating with the act of producing, along with all phases in between.

Please Contact Us for applications. Classes are designed per group.

Bamboo & Natural Building Workshop

For those curious about how bamboo works, take a bamboo workshop with us. It entails learning how to make bamboo merchandise and souvenirs, model making, treating bamboo, joinery techniques and house building ideas.

Classes are open to guests and visitors on full/half day basis.

Courses are also conducted, upon request for students of design, architecture, engineering, government and NGO’s, etc. We offer a wide range of options to suit your needs and special courses can be scheduled upon request.

Please Contact Us for applications and details.

Permaculture & Gardening

Immerse yourself in learning the application of permaculture concepts and practices in our tropical farm and forest setting. Learn how to plan and design homesteads, farms and businesses, understand your soil and water systems, make compost, grow food, build with bamboo & nature, fermentation & food preservation, use plants as medicine, rediscover your habitat on a whole new level.

Please Contact Us for applications and details.

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