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Why Grow Your Own Food

This might not look like much but these are our first batch of peanuts/ groundnuts springing to life.

Why Grow Your Own Food – other than to promote local economic development and improve access to healthy, chemical free, abundant locally/self produced food. That’s the most basic advantage of it but there are many more.Grow at least some of it to begin with. Starting with a pot of coriander or a herb spiral garden, mushrooms and potatoes in an old bucket, could be anything. Take it up from there and see how it changes your life visit https://カジノ

Growing our own food slows us down whilst inspiring us to live a life of controlled (negative) footprints and more connections. It’s spiritually fulfilling and creates a relationship with yourself as well as the soil, the plants and the ecosystem we live in – fostering in turn a desire and commitment to protect and preserve what nurtures us, this beautiful planet we call Home .

Everything starts with a seed and growing your own translates into a number of practical sustainability hacks that will magically unfold in front of you. Each discovery has been a process of unlearning and relearning for us. Here are our finds:

If we grow most of what we eat and also support our community farms for the rest of our needs, trips to the supermarkets become fewer. This also means that we generate minimal plastic and packaging waste by avoiding piles of processed food and of course, the unhealthy junk that’s being sold to us by the hordes.

Which means tastier, fresher and nutritious produce, supporting farmers who choose to farm sustainably and naturally, less negative impact on the habitat as it reduces the demand of out of season produce esp on the ecosystem and also less transportation, refrigeration and fewer hot houses at

Body care and home care ingredients are sourced from nature and a creativity romp takes over. Resources like clay, bamboo, herbs, moringa! and (our coconut oil pretty much takes care of everything else).And age old traditional homemade recipes come back to life again. No artificial ingredients, no artificial colours and definitely no artificial smells. It’s also great on your skin ( like they used to say, if you can’t eat them, don’t use them!), great for your home and great on your pockets too.

No rushing regularly to the doctor and hospitals for everything,no more pill popping because we start accepting plants as medicine and start treating our body naturally. You are what you eat rings truer than ever before. Eating healthier becomes a natural side effect since we know where our food comes from and of course, it makes a huge difference in health and finances.

Because we toil together, we appreciate not just the food on our table but the precious act of eating together. Community meals foster meaningful bonds (most Mondays in our case)…a place to reconnect and just eat and talk. Or just regular family dinners at home with simple nourishing food cooked over a hot stove. No screens, no distractions. Just undivided involvement in each other and the food we’ve grown, grateful for each other, for the meal and our planet.


It’s a feeling of freedom from the never-ending chain of middlemen and instigators, contamination, laughable advertisements, corruption & intimidation. Because you watch your own back, gardening is a quiet revolution in disguise. You are not dependant on outside means for your survival. Excessive consumerism is also harnessed because you find that it does zilch for your soul and your planet. You realise that what makes you happy is not what ( you are made to) BUY. In turn, you regain your sense of independence and shed off your dependency towards failing governments, systems and corporations.
YOU REALISE THAT TIME IS RUNNING OUT. What are our future generations going to eat? You realise it’s time to act and it is NOW. It really is. Before long, it just might turn out that the only ones eating real food might be the ones that are growing it.

Plant a seed, any seed…today.

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